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The Feathered Nest is a 'turn-of-the-century' operating farm with original house that has some activities you can do while here and some that are [Off-the-Farm]. While offering relaxation, privacy and fresh country air and time to reconnect with your partner, there are also great outdoor activities to partake in too.

Guided quad biking out-rides

Quad Bike Out-Rides

Take a guided tour of the farm on our eco-friendly quad bikes as you negotiate paths and river-bed crossings. View nature from a totally different perspective - see birds and take in the occasional buck or warthog. [ON the farm]

Bird sanctuary at the Feathered Nest

Bird Sanctuary

View some of the disabled birds (mostly owls) we have at the sanctuary - some of which are bred in captivity - and if lucky, interact with baby owls being hand reared before being set free, on a slow release programme. Donations towards the sanctuary are always welcome. [ON the farm]

Canopy tours in the Magaliesberg

Canopy Tours

Sliding from rock face to rock face on steel cables over tree tops is breathtaking and memorable. Meet new friends, take a camera and capture some grand photo-memories. [OFF the farm]

Hot air ballooning with Bill Harrops

Hot Air Ballooning

With Bill Harrop's Original Balloon Safaris - Sip champagne high above the ground, in wonderful silence, with maybe a faint bird call or an animal far below. Take in the vistas as you float in the air, hearing the occasional burst of the burners - time flies - then you are preparing for the landing. [OFF the farm]

Walking in the hills

Walking in the Hills

Outside the city limits, in the open spaces you get to stretch your legs, walk and talk (unless you are alone), and just get back in touch with nature. There is nothing quite as therapeutic. [ON the farm]

Bird Watching on the farm

Bird Watching & Walks

Walk the farm with your binos and indulge in some birding, with over 275 species, the return trip is approx. 4.3 Kms, of which there are open grassland, trees, and river banks with thick bush to explore. [ON the farm]